So, I figured I’d get myself a blog

I’ve decided to write a novel, and I’ll share the highs and lows of my journey here. I’ll also post some other stuff I write (or have previously written) along the way. I’ll start off with a few words I wrote years ago during a sleepless night:

The night. It floats along on the wings of fantastic dreams and absurd fantasies. The mind wanders, trying to find the place where the strangest things become as vivid as the solitary light in that familiar room. Soothing sounds emanate from that same direction, sometimes dancing along with the light, the thoughts, and the dreams. I wait for these to blend together into a blissful harmony. I long for them to coalesce into nothingness and emerge again in a different world. The lights and sounds grow distant as the fantasies come into focus. They can still be heard and felt, however, as they form the drum to which the imagination beats. But something is wrong. The beat is off. The noises become distinct, dragging the mind back to reality. 

I’ve always wanted to share that piece, and now I have. That feels good 🙂

Hopefully writing this book will be a good experience. Feel free to follow along if you like!